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Tired of cluttered, dysfunctional free apps? We were too, and that's why Jouvo was born.

By uniting a team to craft the finest versions of the most sought-after apps, we've curated a seamless experience. With one subscription, access our comprehensive suite, including premium fast VPN, industry best antivirus, AI chat, personal entertainment, and more, across 35+ app categories. Test drive our platform for just $9.74 monthly*. And if it's not for you, cancel hassle-free, anytime, with a simple click. No tricks, just great apps.

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A world of apps is waiting for you inside Jouvo. Our smart search makes it easier than ever before to find what you need.

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Discover apps in a flash. Say goodbye to tiresome scrolling.
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Sophisticated AI anticipates your desires, uncovering the perfect apps for you.
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Dedicated to your privacy. Zero ads, zero trackers – only pure search outcomes.
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⚠️Enhance Your Online Safety with Our Exclusive Privacy-Centric Apps

Defend your digital presence and ensure your online privacy with our sophisticated security applications.


Jouvo's Privacy App is Designed to Keep You and Your Precious Data Safe

Browse Safely with Global VPN Gateways

Experience protected browsing, safe online transactions, uninterrupted streaming, and worry-free social interactions through Jouvo's extensive selection of VPN gateways across the globe.

Robust Malware Defense

Safeguard your device against a multitude of threats, including viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and trojans with Jouvo's formidable security measures.

Enjoy Uninterrupted Surfing with Ad Blocking

Eliminate pesky ads both static and moving, and smooth out your internet experience with Jouvo.

Plus, you'll be protected by these great features
Defending Against Digital Fingerprinting

Jouvo enhances your digital anonymity, shielding your browsing behavior and personal data against invasive fingerprinting by cyber snoopers.

Protecting Your Online Credentials

Jouvo's encryption fortifies your website login details, securely housing them in a digital vault far from cyber criminals' reach.

Monitoring for Personal Data Leaks

Jouvo vigilantly scans for your personal information that may be vulnerable, offering timely alerts to secure any potential exposure.

Shielding Your Webcam and Microphone

Jouvo delivers peace of mind by robustly protecting your webcams and microphones from unauthorized hacking, preserving your private moments.

Blocking Invasive Tracking Cookies

Jouvo provides an effortless solution to deter suspicious cookies automatically, maintaining your online path clean and secure.

Securing Sensitive Local Documents

Jouvo aids in identifying and safeguarding sensitive documents stored on your device, keeping critical personal details like social security and banking information under wraps.

Encrypting Your Sensitive Documents

Utilize Jouvo's sophisticated encryption to protect your vital financial and health records, consolidating them in a singular, secure digital vault.

Continuous Privacy Protection

Jouvo provides uninterrupted privacy defense, proactively shielding you from phishing and other digital privacy threats as they occur.

Scouring the Dark Web for Your Data

With Jouvo's innovative scanning algorithms, rest easy knowing we're relentlessly searching the shadowy corners of the dark web for any signs of your compromised data.

Unlock a world of entertainment and tools at no extra cost - including AI Assistants, Movies, Games, Audiobooks, Books, and more!

Explore a treasure trove of digital delights with our extensive collection. From enthralling movies in various genres to adrenaline-pumping games, and from an extensive range of books to immersive audiobooks, we've got it all. Plus, enhance your efficiency with our state-of-the-art AI Assistants, all part of our inclusive package.

*Subscription Details: Subscribe for continuous access for up to $19.95** per month. Your subscription will automatically renew every 30 days. Taxes: Prices are exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT). Cancellation Policy: You can cancel the service at any time. Customer Support: For assistance any time, contact our team at 1 (855) 699-7668. **Promotional pricing may apply and will be detailed on the payment page.